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Fintech Financial Leadership  

FintechForce focuses on providing highly specialized, financial leadership to your Fintech.  We focus on two things: 1. Providing the executive team with a valuable financial partner.  2. Developing your unique back-end requirements in payments, financial operations, finance, accounting, fintech strategy, and compliance.  We are focused founders, accountants, evangelist, and payments nerds who strive to be part of your team and your mission. We'll collaborate and develop a finance and product roadmap that ensures you and your product reach your milestones safely.  Plus, we bring a time-tested and well-vetted network of professionals to support your growth.

Contract CFO

Work through your biggest challenges with an embedded, seasoned Fintech partner.  Contract, interim, special projects, transactions, and full-time are all options.

Financial Operations & Payment Systems

Build-out payment systems, financial operations, compliance and risk management.  You'll be a Fintech before you know it.

Infrastructure & Implementation

Design + implement stage-appropriate financial infrastructure at start-up speed.  Multiple Netsuite implementations and full tech-stack refreshes.


Your data is the foundation of a high-performing finance & accounting function.  Let's design it, transform it, and report it so you can scale without interruptions. 

Transaction Advisory Services

Manage debt + equity transactions and support your exit.

Finance & Accounting Team Building

Outsource finance & accounting or build a team of in-house stars.  I do both based on your unique situation.

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For 12 years, founders, CEOs, and boards have made the call.

  • Mobile, Social eCommerce app (venture-backed, 4 year engagement)

Designed and implemented on-demand pre-paid card platform for global shopping network; on-site and remote contract CFO, hired new accounting team, finance-as-a-service with full out-sourced accounting team.

  • "Top 50 in Fintech" Consumer Lender (venture-backed, 1.5 year engagement)

Designed and implemented accounting program and financial operations to support hyper-growth; Interim CFO; and hired Finance, Accounting, and Financial Operations Teams.

  • B2B, SaaS Payments Company (venture-backed)

Modeled and analyzed growth scenarios; and developed reporting for the board of directors

  • SMB Lending Company (venture-backed)

Completed operations assessment and designed financial operations and controls appropriate for early-stage SMB lending buiness

  • Proptech Company (venture-backed)

Developed strategic Fintech roadmap for innovative proptech firm. Lead product design & development and compliance for all payments payments-related aspects of the service.

  • Healthtech Payments (venture-backed, 1.5 year engagement)

Led all aspects of financial management for this provider of payments and consumer engagement services to large providers and healthcare systems. Executed initiatives including new product design, compliance, vendor negotiations, and payments strategy. Designed and managed the rebuilding of finance staff and financial infrastructure, including the implementation of NetSuite OneWorld, new banking relationships, and reporting processes to create efficiencies and enable scaling.

  • Mobile Payments Network (venture-backed, 1 year engagement)

Built a first-class, scalable finance function to enable rapid company growth and provide analytical support. Supported Series B financing round of $20MM. Managed business development efforts to partner with targeted client banks and payment service providers.



FintechForce builds finance, accounting, and financial operations that accelerate growth and create opportunities for your business. We build with technology, cost, and client experience top-of-mind.  We're the front-office for your back-office – and we take the back-office very seriously.


The growth of this Fintech eco-system has exceeded the growth of qualified finance and accounting professionals to support its unique requirements.  This leaves companies exposed in the areas of controls, accounting, and financial operations.  FintechForce was created to fill this gap and to deliver exceptional service.​


In the Fintech eco-system, companies, banks, service providers, investors, and incubators are all interconnected.  Our focus on the eco-system allows us to share intelligence and relationships that can change outcomes.  We know the eco-system and its participants well.  We strive to share this knowledge and these connections with our clients. 


The ever-changing regulatory environment demands that companies be aware of current requirements, implement best-practices, and avoid unnecessary risk and investment.  FintechForce exists to accelerate your compliance program and to avoid costly missteps.  Our ability to help you navigate the unique complexities sets us apart.


We just love what we do. We find personal satisfaction in helping companies succeed, which helps us bring valuable experience and perspective to share with clients.  At the same time, we focus first on client challenges and concerns.  We bring humility, curiosity, and empathy to every engagement.  It's our formula for relationship building.


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I started FintechForce in 2008 on a hunch long before "Fintech" was a thing.  I left the ivory tower of corporate payments because I knew there must be better ways to serve merchants.  Plus, it was just time to stop focusing on new fees and price increases. I picked up my family and moved to San Francisco - and in the intervening 12 years, I've worked on dozens of financial services, Fintech, and SaaS businesses.  I have always had two goals in my consulting work. First, learn how to build sustainable, high-growth financial services business so that I can be the best chief financial officer for any company of any size or financial service. Second, create a better financial experience for consumers and small businesses who are on the wrong side of "economies of scale" and pay a disproportionate share of fees into the financial system. 

It's been an amazing journey building businesses for clients, founders, and CEOs.  As with all things start-up related, there have been winners and losers, late nights, and a whole lot of learning.  I've continued to wear the CFO hat because my clients and companies have needed me too. It helps me get stuff done.  But I've been very careful to not stay in my lane.  It's so important to continue to learn about others’ roles, build on new technologies, and gain a broader perspective than spreadsheets will ever offer.  At the same time, Fintech businesses have demanded that I build great finance, accounting, and financial operations that will meet the challenges of hyper-growth and scaling.  After all, that's what I get hired to do.

At the top of my resume it says I consistently "Deliver industry-leading financial results in high-growth financial services companies, Rapidly develop first-class, business-oriented teams that support rapid growth and innovation, and Aggressively invest in innovative products, data, technology, infrastructure, partnerships, and channels to scale and win."  And while these claims are true, they are increasingly becoming table-stakes in the CFO world. At my core, I bring a lot of payments and Fintech experience to quickly assess each business and its unique challenges, build (or fix) businesses fast (and keep them working well), make awesome investments where other CFOs wouldn't dare take the risk, roll-up my sleeves every day, and drink a lot of coffee with founders.  And at every client and company along the way, I try to create exponentially more value than I cost. This is my approach and my commitment.

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